Financial results and investment activities

The Fund no longer collects contributions from its members. Instead it reduces its balance sheet annually for the purposes of covering the contributions on behalf of its member banks to the Financial Stability Authority.

As of year-end 2022, the size of the Fund’s balance sheet was € 508,2 million.


According to legislation, the assets of the Fund shall be invested in a reliable and effective manner safeguarding the liquidity of the fund and observing the principle of diversification. The Finnish law also prohibits the Fund from investing in securities issued by its member banks.

The purpose of the Fund’s investment activities is to support its main task vis-à-vis financing the deposit insurance scheme. The objective of its risk management is to ensure that the risks taken or encountered by the Fund are proportionate to its investment objectives, liabilities, and risk-bearing capacity. The Fund seeks to limit its key investment risks to a level where a materialisation of the risks will not jeopardise the Fund’s capacity to cover for its liabilities, or confidence in the Fund’s activities.

The Fund's investment policy is based on a risk budget. The purpose of the risk limits is to maintain the real value of the investment assets, to safeguard liquidity also in a stressed operating environment, and to ensure an adequate diversification of the portfolio.